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Equipment to study functional properties of materials

AG-50kNXD (Shimadzu) desktop testing machine allows, in a wide range of loading (50N to 50kN), to test for tension, break and compression of various materials, automatically draw deformation curves in standard coordinates and to determine mechanical properties of materials.




HMV-2T (Shimadzu) microhardness tester to determine hardness by Vickers, Knupp and Brunel. Applied load of 0.01-120 g. Exposure time of 5–1,000 sec.



ASAP 2020MP (Micromeritics) automated system is used for analyzing surface area and studying porous structure of disperse materials. It allows to perform a comprehensive analysis of micro- and mezopores, its distribution by size and to determine surface area, heat and absorption rate. A range of pores measurement of 0.35 to 500 nm. Samples analysis of specific surface area from 0.2 m2 is possible.




Mastersizer 3000 (Malvern) laser particle size analyzer allows determining particles size in the range of 10 nm to 3,500 mcm. The measuring principle - laser diffraction.




SETSYS Evolution 16 materials thermal testing device allows performing thermal gravimetric analysis (TGA), differential thermal analysis (DTA), and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) in the range from room temperature to 1600оС.




Energy dispersing X-ray fluorescence spectrometer of EDX 800HS (Shimadzu) Series is designed for fast analysis of elemental composition of the samples. Element detection range - from carbon to uranium.




Spectral ellipsometric complex «Ellipse 1891 SAG» (manufactured in Russia, Centre of nanotechnologies, Ltd., Novosibirsk) with wavelength range 350-1000 nm is designed for high-precision measurements of the thickness of single-layer and multi-layer thin film structuresas well as studies of spectral optical constants (refractive index and absorption coefficient), and structural properties of materials (porosity; the presence, concentration and distribution of impurities in the film) in the whole spectral range.





Agilent B1500A unit bundled with PM-5 (Cascade Microtech) probe station allows conducting measurements of electrophysical properties of semiconductor structures (current-voltage and capacitance-voltage characteristics).




Measuring complex comprising Solartron 1260 A, potentiostat Solartron1287 unit to measure high-frequency characteristics of materials, ProboStat measuring cell, tubing oven and ProGasMix gas mixtures preparation unit allows measurement of electrochemical and electrophysical properties of materials in a wide temperature range (up to 1200оС), in various gas environments at frequencies up to 32 MHz.



Novocontrol Concept 40 (Novocontrol Technologies) unit for complex measurement of dielectric and electrophysical properties of materials in the range of frequencies of 3×10-6 Hz to 30 MHz in the temperature range from -160 to +400оС




Lake Shore 7410 vibration magnetometer allows to perform measurements of magnetization of samples in the range of 10-7 to 103Am2/kg, to create magnetic fields of up to 2,3 Tl in the temperature range from 4.4 K to 450 K in an inert atmosphere or in a vacuum. Revolving holder allows determining light lines of magnetization.