Peptide synthesizer Endeavor 90-1

Fully automatic peptide synthesizer Endeavor 90-1 (Aaptec LLC), allows the Boc and Fmoc-solid phase peptide synthesis using a medium up to 4 amino acids at elevated temperature in an inert atmosphere, with stirring.

1. The synthesizer provides the 2 vaccinated peptides in reaction vessels of 50 ml at a time.

2 . Peptide synthesizer provides an assembly of at least 4 amino acids in a single synthesis without reloading the reagent vessels .

3 . Using in-situ and / or pre- activation protocols.

4 . Ability to the upper or lower feed reactants into the reaction vessel

5 . Rapid emptying of gas pressure reaction vessels 10 psi.

6. The device is equipped with a system for inerting on synthetic medium for work with moisture-sensitive objects.

7. Stirring of the reaction medium is ensured by the swing of the vessel by bubbling an inert gas and a combination of swing and bubbling .

8. Shower Head ( shower head ) technology to provide a fast and economical flushing the reaction mixture from the vessels .

9. The device is designed as a closed system (does not require a separate box)

10 . Emergency stop manually or programmatically at any time.

11. This instrument establishes a chemically inert tubes and valves .

12. The device provides online monitoring of the reaction pressure , the liquid feed has photodetectors , the photodetectors of filling / emptying the reactor .