Apparatus for studying the interactions of adsorption in the liquid phase Q-Sence E-4

Apparatus for studying adsorption interactions in the liquid phase (based on quartz resonators ) Q-Sence E- 4 (BiolinScientific) allows to determine the thickness , weight, viscoelastic properties of the adsorbate layer . Sensitivity to change in mass of 1.8 ng/cm2 temperature range - from room temperature to 65C 



Electronic module to the measuring chamber with four sensors.

2.Protochny module quartz sensors.

3.Nasos peristaltic ( from 0 l / min to 800 l / min.)

4.Quartz  sensors (frequency of 5 MHz) with gold plating .

5.Quartz  sensors ( 5 MHz ) with a coating of silicon dioxide (thickness 50 nm).

6.Quartz  sensors (5 MHz) of the silica -coated aluminum ( thickness: 100 nm).

7.Rabochaya temperature range : Lower limit diapazona15 °C , the upper limit of the range of 65C .

8.Temperaturnaya 0.02oS stability .

9. Sensitivity to change in the mass 1.8 ng/cm2 .