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Technological equipment



Installations «Nanosurf», «Solar-MN» (manufactured in Russia) for the synthesis of films of different chemical compounds (oxides, sulfides, nitrides, and other metal compounds) by atomic layer deposition on flat and 3-D substrates, as well as on surface of porous substrates. These installations allow treating the substrates in reactors of various sizes (max. diam. up to 200 mm, height up to 95 mm). The synthesis can be performed with gaseous, liquid and solid precursors.

High-pressure reactor Berghof HR allows to carry out hydro (solvo)thermal synthesis of dispersed substances at temperature up to 250оC and the pressure up to 200 bar. Sampling, creating inert atmosphere, and pressure, temperature and stirrer rotation rate control are enabled during synthesis. 


Microwavestation ETHOS 1 (Milestone Inc.) is used for the hydro (solvo)thermal synthesisparticulate matter, as well as mineralization of samples. Microwave radiation power up to 1600 W enables processesat temperatures up to 200оC and pressures up to 100 bar in reactors (up to 10 items) produced of PTFE.




WS-650Mz-23NPP setup (Laurell Technologies Corporation) is used to obtain films of different compounds by spraying a solution on a rotating substrate. Substrate diameter of up to 150 mm, rotation rate of up to 12,000 rpm.




HAAKE Minilab II microcompounder-extruder bundled with injection molding machine and a set of injection molds allows producing composite materials based on polymer matrixes and form them into samples of different shape. Extruder maximum temperature of up to 350, working pressure of up to 200 bar.



Fully automatic peptide synthesizer Endeavor 90–1 (Aaptec LLC) enables Fmoc- and Boc- peptide synthesis on a solid-phase carrier using up to 4 amino acids at elevated temperature, in an inert atmosphere, when mixing.  




The hot pressing FR210-30T-A-200-EVC (OXY-GON Industries, Inc.) allows producing ceramic materials at a pressure of up to 27 tons and temperature of up to 2000оС in an inert atmosphere or in a vacuum.



Q-Sence E-4 (BiolinScientific) setup for studying adsorption interactions in the liquid phase (based on quartz resonators) allows to determine the thickness, weight, viscoelastic properties of the adsorbate layer. Sensitivity to weight change of up to 1.8 ng/cm2, temperature range from ambient to 65.  



Q150T ES setup (Quorum Technologies) for vacuum deposition of metal and carbon films.




Pellet Press PP 40 (Retsch). Designed for compaction of materials in the form of tablets with a diameter of 35 mm. Maximum pressure of 40 tons.



PM 100 CM (Retsch) planetary ball mill is used for reduction, mixing, homogenization, and colloidal reduction. Maximum rotation speed of the planetary disc of up to 650 rpm.