We are pleased to welcome you to Resource Center

"Innovative technologies of composite nanomaterials"

Saint Petersburg State University



The Resource Centre «Innovative Technologies of Composite Nanomaterials» («Nanocomposite») of St. Petersburg State University is founded in 2013 to provide the technological support of investigations in the field of materials science. The Centre equipment can be used for synthesis of thin films, dispersed, ceramic, polymeric and other composite materials, and for research theirs physical and chemical properties.

Main goals of the Centre:

1.     Enhancement of research activities of scientists, postgraduates and students in the area of composite nanomaterial technology and in new areas of research in materials science;

2.     Development of scientific relations with research groups within the St. Petersburg State University, with research centers in Russia and abroad;

3.     Improved training of graduate students, postgraduates in the area of modern materials science;

4.     Support in implementation of innovative research of University scientists in competitive technologies.


The Centre equipment can be used for implementation of various technologies: